Why Workwear Is For Everyone, Not Just Full Time Builders

Why do we seem to think that proper, durable clothes for building or DIY work are only for the professionals? A lot of people end up wearing old, mismatched outfits to do their handywork simply because they don’t mind damaging them.

Maybe this is OK for just giving the walls a lick of paint, but there really is nothing to stop you from investing a small amount of money in some real workwear if you plan to take on major DIY projects on a regular basis. You might be surprised by a few of the benefits…

Flexibility – One of the main things you need from your clothes when you’re painting, building or doing other kinds of manual labour is the ability to move freely. This is something that we actually forget a lot of the time, because we don’t always pay attention to how flexible our clothes are. Workwear will be designed to stretch and twist as required, which is a great benefit.

Weatherproof – A lot of the jobs we tend to put off doing are outside, and the weather needs to cooperate. Of course, if you’re on a tight deadline to get a property ready for a sale or a tenant moving in, you might not have much choice. In any case, appropriate work clothes will really help. You probably need to avoid getting too hot while also protecting your skin, so most other outfits won’t cut it.

Storage – You might have noticed that professionals tend to have plenty of pockets when they’re working. This is no coincidence, since so many different tasks are made much easier when you simply have a convenient place to store all of your most essential, small items. Tools, loose screws, bits and pieces… pockets make life easier.

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