8 Reasons Why Self Storage is Becoming More Budget-Friendly for Residents in Leicester

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Why Self Storage is Becoming More Budget-Friendly?

As Leicester is known for its rich history and diversity, it is no surprise why this small city has new residents and tourists flocking the map. Moving to Leicester means that you can visit the king Richard lll visitor center, tour the Tropical Bird land, learn something new at the National Space Center, and more.

With that, more families are looking to invest in Leicester despite the rise in traffic and even prices. For those who want to downgrade their home or simply make space for new items, self-storage is the answer. In fact, it has also become quite the popular options among homeowners.

More people are leaving their top possessions in self-storage units now more than longer before. But why is that? Leicester is growing on the edge of offering storage solutions for the city’s hoarders. With more investors taking notice, more storage warehouses are popping into the scene.

The UK society has their share of hoardings while millennials are looking to store their valued junk in the growing number of self-storage units.

What starts out as a temporary solution with a retired couch sculpture, artwork or even clothes; soon evolves to a thousand items all trying to fit into one medium-sized unit. Before you know it, you find yourself looking for more inches of space to place your loved belongings.

The storage craze actually started out in America during the 1960s. However, the storage craze didn’t take place until the early 2000 with nearly 1,600 storage units in all of Europe. With the growth in minimalism taking place, more homes wanted to open up space with clean lines and a roomy interior. This meant that the excess junk had to be put out, despite the costs of keeping it elsewhere.

With the mentality of keeping your valuables without hoarding it in the house, the idea of self-storage is all the more valued among citizens. According to a survey done by Access Self Storage, a reported 90% of respondents claim to have a hard time getting rid of treasured items, despite their lack of use. May it be memories of birthday cards, school books, photographs, or even old clothes, the parting is made difficult.

Psychologists refer to this as the endowment effect. This economic theory is considered as act of owning an item that has more value than its said market price. The term might explain why some people spend a ton of money putting an old chair or couch in storage instead of using the price of a unit to buy a brand new one.

Here are 8 reasons why self-storage is becoming more budget-friendly for residents in Leicester.

Budget Friendly

Storage services in Leicester provide the best storage options at cheap price. Now only will they suit your needs, they will also offer units at a competitive price. You can banish those thoughts of self-storage units being too expensive to maintain it. You might even be thrilled to see just how cheap renting a self-storage unit can be. If you are using it, you will ultimately condone your decision in the long run.



When it comes to living in the UK, it all comes down to the area and location. In Leicester, self-storage companies provide 24-hour security and quality CCTV cameras to ensure that your items are safe in your storage space. You will be able to visit your storage space any time with complete safety of the area.

Additionally, you can leave all your worries behind as most self-storage units in Leicester will keep your items safe and locked with a CCTV system to keep in charge.





Easy Hours

Most storage companies in Leicester offer 24-hour access to your storage space. This allows you to access your unit anytime you would like and as quickly as possible. What makes this important is that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of restrictive opening hours and limit your visit to the closing time.



Long-Term Storage

There are a ton of reasons why Leicester is great for long-term storage. Whether it is to store seasonal items, de-clutter your home or simply put unused items away – there are plenty of options to store them items without destroying them. If you plan to store for a long-term basis, it is ideal to get your plans sorted out clearly. The long-term storage service in Leicester is known for offering great deals with quality service.



Friendly Service

The people of Leicester are known for their friendly smiles and customer service. They offer the highest level of satisfaction for customers as the staff is always ready to take on the task.





Flexible Contract Options

You will find plenty of contract options that will surely meet your ideal storage needs. From a long unit to a short-term use, the storage companies in Leicester will gladly meet your needs. You will find options that start from one week to as long as 24 months.





Item Protection

Imagine placing valuable, yet fragile items in your home. With pets and children involved, keeping your items in mint condition will always have a high risk of damage. After all, we will never know when an accident is about to happen. If the item is fragile but extremely valuable, keep both them and your family safe from a possible accident. Most storage units are also weather-proof to withstand the hard elements of the UK weather.




Users won’t have to ever underestimate the possibilities of renting a self-storage unit. You can use it to hold your business storage, de-clutter the house, use as a storage space while you move, and more. With whatever life throws at you, you can prepare your things with a self-storage unit in Leicester.


All reasons like these, you can save yourself the stress of finding the right spot to put your items and enjoy a clutter-free life. Whether you plan to move, storage business items, or simply want to place your things elsewhere, it is no wonder why many UK residents are looking to self-storage for rent.

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