Renovate Your Kitchen For Under £200

Even if you don’t have the money to completely upgrade your kitchen, £200 is enough to give your kitchen a new, modern look. It is not necessary to change all the kitchen equipment; just a new coat of paint along with some minor changes is enough to breathe new life into your kitchen. You can do the following things to renovate your kitchen:

1. IMPROVE THE HARDWARE: Even if you can’t afford to change the entire kitchen cabinets, at least change the knobs and the handles. They can be purchased online and you can fit them yourself with the help of an electric drill.

2. PAINT YOUR CABINETS: A new coat of paint on the cabinets can do wonders to your kitchen. It can completely transform the look and you don’t even have to spend much. A light coloured paint is preferable on the kitchen cabinets.

3. PAINT THE WALLS OF YOUR KITCHEN: Since there is a lot of movement involved in the kitchen, there might be lots of marks on the walls. Hence, it will be better to go for a deep colour; a deep blue will be great if you’re going for something bold.

4. BUY NEW TAPS: Buying a well designed tap can change your kitchen from boring to modern in just one second. You will find lots of unique kinds of taps on the market to match the style and colours of the rest of your kitchen’s features. You also don’t need a plumber to change a kitchen tap, as you can easily do it yourself. 

5. GET YOURSELF A NEW SPLASHBACK: If you want to add some colour or give a modern look to your kitchen, then a new splashback is a good idea. Find some good looking tiles or you can also go for a glass-effect splashback.

6. BUY A NEW COOKER: A cooker is obviously the heart of the kitchen. A modern, stylish design will enhance the overall look of the kitchen, provide a focal point and will also improve your cooking experience.


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