How to prevent mould in your bathroom


Many homeowners in the UK are most likely to struggle with a mould issue in their bathrooms. Especially owners who have a small bathroom with no windows. Mould starts to build up when the environment is damp. It’s important that mould should be prevented in the early stage as they can easily spread from one room to another. Also if a mould is left untreated, this can affect your health in the long run.

Install a fan

A fan is perfect for fighting off mould right from the very start of growth. They also help with sucking up any excess moisture that’s hanging around your bathroom space. The fan is also ideal for bathrooms with a smaller room.

Water resistant wall

Normal walls can quickly absorb water. That’s why it’s important that you place a primer wall protection to prevent this from happening. Any water resistant primer will be ideal. Furthermore, you can look into applying tiles around your bathroom as well.


Ensure that your shower and bath tub has proper drainage to stop any water from getting stuck on the surface. It’s good to check your drain regularly for any objects or hair to prevent your drain from clogging. Luckily, there are also options for drainage that is designed specifically to prevent any object from getting stuck.

Get rid of mould

If mould already surrounds your home, you can apply the following steps to help you get rid of them. You can remove them by mixing one part bleach and three parts water to create the cleaning solution. Once the solutions are mixed well, apply it with a brush or a sponge. After that, you can use a dry cloth to wipe off the stains. Or you can buy a ready-made mould remover at the supermarket.

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How to convert your garage


If you own an empty garage and wondering how you can make use of it, we have found a few ideas that you may want to consider. For example, a relaxing and fun environment could be the solution, especially for families. Your garage can be turned into a bar, pool game, cinema or whatever you desire! To help you transform your garage, we have provided the following DIY tips to help you create the perfect garage space.

Painting and decorating

When choosing a colour to paint your wall, be sure to pick one that suits your preference and the atmosphere. For instance, a plain colour such as cream or light brown can be ideal for an open relaxation space as it doesn’t look too busy. As for a family area, you may want to consider everyone’s taste and make sure that they all look balance.


Most garage space tends to have cold surroundings. So it is important that insulation is in place as this will keep your space warm and cosy especially during the winter. Be aware that insulation can be costly, however, you can still save a lot of money in the longer run.

Empty canvas

Ensure that when starting the DIY process that all furniture put elsewhere. An empty space will give you a better idea of how big your space. You will also need a lot of space when decorating.


One of the most exciting part of the process is choosing your furniture. Having the furniture around will really complete the overall look of your garage. Once you have all the furniture, you can now think about where to place them around your room. Moving the furniture around will give you an idea on which area suit best.


The lightning can dramatically change the mood of your garage. There is a broad range of different designs to fit your room. When buying a bulb, you may want to consider an energy efficient bulb as this can reduce your bill expenses as well.

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How to Go About When Rebuilding and Redecorating After Flooding

Flood can wreck havoc in your home. After it’s over, it’s natural that you will need to embark on a significant cleanup exercise. Rebuilding and redecorating after flooding is never an easy task as it entails many factors and steps, some of which are complicated.

But before you commence the cleanup, it’s of paramount importance that you find out if it’s indeed safe to move back to your property. You can talk with your local council or insurance company for advice on whether or not it’s safe to return to the property. Also, you can get in touch with your insurers to find out if they can help organise cleaners who will clean up the home.

You should also check your electrical connections just to ensure that the power has been switched off from the mains. If you are standing in a pool of floodwater, of course you shouldn’t touch a source of electricity. If any of your electrical appliances have come into contact with water, you should ask a qualified electrical technician to check them and see if they can be used safely or not.

Your safety should be your major concern when cleaning up after floods. To guarantee this, you can wear protective clothing. In some instances, the flood water may be contaminated with chemicals and human wastes among others. This makes it essential that you disinfect anything that it comes into contact with. Also, ensure that any wound you have is covered so as to protect you from potential infections.

Although it’s important to get moving as soon as possible with your decorating and building work, your health ranks supreme when rebuilding and redecorating after flooding. You will most likely come into contact with raw sewage, chemicals and a wide range of other wastes, so if you get sick, it’s highly advisable that you talk with your doctor. Any contaminated clothing will need to be washed at hot temperatures.

You can start removing the water from the inside of your premises when the water level outside is lower than inside the rooms. You can use a generator or a pump to complete this task, although in most cases this should all be dealt with by the council or your insurers. You can then wipe the surfaces clean before applying a disinfectant. Turn on the central heating unit and open the doors and windows for free flow of air. This can reduce the drying time, therefore allowing for the commencement of decorative works. You can do your decorative work after the rooms have been certified to be dry.

You can seek help from professional painters and decorators who can deliver to your expectations, and it will almost certainly be necessary to draft in some extra help since a flood will have probably left damage to a bigger area than you would ever take on yourself in normal circumstances. Again there may be help available for this depending on your insurance and how much your local council and charities are able to get involved.

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Renovate Your Kitchen For Under £200

Even if you don’t have the money to completely upgrade your kitchen, £200 is enough to give your kitchen a new, modern look. It is not necessary to change all the kitchen equipment; just a new coat of paint along with some minor changes is enough to breathe new life into your kitchen. You can do the following things to renovate your kitchen:

1. IMPROVE THE HARDWARE: Even if you can’t afford to change the entire kitchen cabinets, at least change the knobs and the handles. They can be purchased online and you can fit them yourself with the help of an electric drill.

2. PAINT YOUR CABINETS: A new coat of paint on the cabinets can do wonders to your kitchen. It can completely transform the look and you don’t even have to spend much. A light coloured paint is preferable on the kitchen cabinets.

3. PAINT THE WALLS OF YOUR KITCHEN: Since there is a lot of movement involved in the kitchen, there might be lots of marks on the walls. Hence, it will be better to go for a deep colour; a deep blue will be great if you’re going for something bold.

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Choosing The Right Contractor

If you’ve made it as far as deciding what to do with your home, then that’s great progress! Sometimes it’s hard to choose whether to keep your home as it is and make the best of it, sell it and look elsewhere, do some building work to improve it or even tear it down entirely and start all over again. If you’ve chosen one of the latter options, you’re going to need to select a contractor or building firm to work with on your home, which may be easier said than done. To get you started, here are just some of the top building firms in the UK from our own experience:

Acorn Scaffolding for professional scaffolding hire in Somerset, Taunton, and Bridgwater

CJ Fullwood from Derbyshire, who specialise in conservatory conversions

3W Developments, a large scale renovations specialist in Worcestershire

G White Building Services in Somerset, experts in windows and lofts

J P Construction, who specialise in new homes and reconstructions in Manchester

Robert Woodhead Ltd who focus on energy efficient projects in Nottingham

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A New Generation Of Renovations

It’s been a major talking point for decades now, but the decision that weighs on many people’s minds when considering renovations to their home is a simple one: is it going to be worth the cost and effort? Adding an extension of some form to your home tends to be massive project to take on, and it can be difficult having major work going on while trying to get on with your family life, not to mention working. That’s why conversions and extensions aren’t really dealt with in the same way now as there were a few years ago, and we’re seeing new trends emerge when it comes to high-end building work.

So what are the benefits of having work done on your property? Well, firstly you’re likely to be adding value to your home. If, for example, you decided to undergo a loft conversion on your house, you can create an entire additional floor on a small plot of land, adding tens of thousands to the value of your property. This is especially beneficial if you live in London or another highly sought after location, where the same level of investment in building work is going to result in a higher proportionate increase in your property’s overall market value. Aside from this, you also have the obvious up-side of your home being tailored to your exact requirements, and your quality of life can be improved with the additional space and facilities created by an extension or conversion. If you’re in need of fresh ideas, try visiting home improvement pages in Pinterest or design portfolios on corporate websites, a loft conversion and extension company in London.

Turning wasted space into storage, bedrooms, bathrooms, entertaining areas or whatever else you desire can be an excellent way to get more out of your home for you and your family. However, some years ago when this fashion was just catching on, things tended to be done a certain way. If you were having a conversion done on your attic you would probably have a basic off-the-shelf solution that pretty much looked like an advert for traditional Velux windows. Due to the expense involved people tended to focus on getting the job done and worrying about what the space looked like later. It’s also tempting not to mess with your roof or existing rooms too much, although this can be quite limiting in terms of design.

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How To Be Creative with Ceiling Tiles

Suspended ceilings

When most people come to renovate their home and take on large scale projects, often the last thing they’re thinking about is adding a fancy ceiling to their room. Perhaps many of us are still scarred by the thought of spiked Artex and other failed attempts at getting creative with ceiling design, which have generally plummeted in popularity over the past few decades, giving way to flat, plain alternatives.

There are plenty of benefits to having a simple white ceiling, as in small spaces anything too oppressive can make it feel like the ceiling is coming down on you. However, with a major rebuild project you’re probably looking for new and exciting ways to create an attractive feature in your room, and ceiling tiles are an excellent way to achieve this without breaking the bank.

The range of options you have is vast, whether your main focus is on your budget, sticking to a specific style or adding that “wow factor” to your home. Ceiling tiles are available in a selection of different materials and styles, including metal, plastic, Styrofoam, glass, wood, leather and more. All the different options tend to work best in certain rooms, but you can use ceiling tiles in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom or anywhere else if you choose wisely. For example, you might go for a sleek, glossy finish in a modern kitchen, or a more ornate wooden design for a luxury lounge.

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Building Tools & Supplies

If you’re planning to take on a massive construction project on your property, whether it’s building your own extension or completely demolishing your home to start from scratch, you will need to have professionals involved at some stage. As we have covered in our other articles, there are too many phases of project planning, as well as potential legal issues, to risk everything going wrong. However, there’s nothing to stop you having a go at the physical work on the project yourself as long as you have the skills and the necessary equipment.

You can easily find cheap building tools and building supplies online from retailers like SK Trade Store which are perfectly suitable, you just need to know what should be on your list to get you started. Here are our top tips for essentials to watch out for when you’re browsing your online tool shop.

Tool Belt

This will come in amazingly handy throughout your project, and a good quality one can last a lifetime. You’ll need to keep your smaller essential tools on hand at all times so a good tool belt is a must.

Steel Measuring Tape

A flimsy ribbon from a Christmas cracker isn’t going to cut it when you’ve turned your home into a building site. Invest in a quality steel tape measure to ensure you stick to your required measurements and get every detail perfect.

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Different Ways To Revamp A Room

It feels like however many rooms you renovate, there is always another one due an upgrade every once in a while. Your home’s interior should have a new feel after the renovation so it’s important to understand the basics of how to achieve this easily. Below are some top ideas for different ways to revamp a room.

Check on the windows

The appearance of the window will always make a house have a nice feel. You need to check on the curtains that you put on the windows considering their charm and colour. For an effective overall window design, it is advisable to add 20 centimeters to the height of the window when choosing the size of the curtain, letting them hang below the window sill for a more attractive look that flows with the room.

Check on the flowers around the room

For every successful interior, plants and flowers are usually a very nice choice. Using herbs with a sweet aroma can give a kitchen a great zest, and add to the look of the room when applied to the windows of the kitchen.

Consider the wall hangings

During the revamp of a room, it is always possible to change the frames of the wall hangings. Whether you have personal photographs, modern artwork or classic pictures, something as simple as switching the frames can make a huge difference. Life can be renewed in your favorite works just by changing the colour and proportions of the frames, especially in darker rooms.

Change the mood of the room by rolling out the carpet

During the winter season, you might want to go for wool carpets equipped with warm hues and Persian motifs. Bright-coloured cotton, sisal, or sea rush are excellent choices for the summer and spring seasons. These are very easy to change whenever the mood takes you, as long as you have a few options that suit any room.

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Tear Your Home Down & Completely Rebuild It!

Many homeowners wish they could renovate their homes and increase their value. From custom additions to new kitchen cabinets and retractable awnings, homeowners are doing anything to enhance the look and feel of their homes. However, there are cases when salvaging a less than desirable property is simply not worthwhile, and ambitious developers can choose to actually rip it all down and start from the beginning. When you consider the potential added value from replacing an outdated property with something inherently more modern and flexible, this can prove worthwhile if you have the required funds to get going.

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