How To Refurbish Your Home

Refurbishing your living space is an exciting home improvement project. However, it requires a lot of time, money and hard work. People who are on a tight budget tend to overlook the need to have their rooms updated. Others make it a point to periodically renovate as it improves both the home’s physical look and market value. Fortunately, there are some simple things that people can do with or without the need for professionals. A few small jobs can actually create a big impact on any home.


Painting the interior walls is the simplest and most effective refurbishment project that a homeowner can do. Paint samples on the wall to choose the most suitable colour for the room. There are colours that add warmth to the indoor environment such as red, cream and gold and those with a cooling effect like white and blue. Include the ceiling when painting for better results. Any homeowner can perform this task. However, they may also hire professionals to ensure an excellent finish. Experts from painting and decorating companies will be able to provide their services for both domestic and industrial properties. This will include high-quality interior and exterior refurbishing of the space to create a more modern, or traditional look. Using a highly experienced decorator will also save you time and they could even advise you on which colours will work best for your walls. They will also know which type of paint has the nicest finish whether it’s an undercoat, gloss or satin.


Although your walls may be looking great, the rest of the room may still look bare and might not fit into the design you would like. One easy way to give your windows update is a stained glass window film. As well as providing more privacy, they will bring colour and life into a plain room and give your home a modern look. However, you will need some material over the windows to keep in heat and block out light completely. Motorised and panel blinds are great for both the home and office, which also look stylish and clean cut. Double glazing your windows increases the thermal insulation to your room. Less energy is used up resulting in lower energy bills.

Fix Furniture

Furniture and accessories add beauty to the home’s interior look. Homeowners should have their furniture reupholstered or refinished if necessary. There are many upholstery professionals who can make any old furniture look new again. Items that add nothing but clutter should also be removed. Doing so makes the home look calm and refreshed.

Add Accessories

Old lampshades and other accessories found in the stock room may be reused. However, these pieces should match the interior look and theme. Adding throw pillows to the sofa or contrasting blankets on the bed can create a different feeling in a room. Recycling old home accessories is a great option for people who don’t want to spend money on new items. However, if you are looking for specific items for a themed room, such as retro home accessories, there are many places where you can find quirky cushions, unique clocks and even lamps. These simple items can uplift a themed room.

Repair and Replace

Areas of the house that need repair should not be ignored regardless of how big or small they are. The roofing should always be in good condition as it greatly affects the heating and cooling systems inside the house. In addition, bad roofing may also bring about other damage inside the home when left unrepaired. Homeowners should call for service to check on their roofs and have them fixed before the damage gets worse. Another way to use heating efficiently is through your fireplace. Many homeowners no longer use them or they need a revamp. Therefore it is time to replace the old forgotten fireplace to modern gas fires. They will be updated, transform the style of the room and will actually be used. Save energy and money with this eco-friendly option.

It is also the responsibility of the homeowner to properly maintain and clean their heating oil tanks. You are strongly advised to get a professional to do an inspection before construction begins. In the event of a leak or a spill, an oil tank replacement will be in order. Failing to do so may cost you thousands of pounds in the future, as well as cause harm to the people living in the area. The same applied for your central heating and plumbing as well. These tasks, however, require experts in the field.

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