Home Renovations – Illegal tasks to do by yourself


Although homeowners are allowed to do some renovations on their own, there are still some other jobs that they cannot perform as some jobs are against the law. Apart from the law, there are also many other reasons why you cannot perform a particular job. For instance, the job may require a special training, license or equipment. Some examples include heat replacement, plumbing, water replacement and many others. Ideally, it’s important that homeowners are aware of these to prevent any issues in the future.

Wall Removal

If you’re looking to make more space in your room, don’t think that you can easily use a sledgehammer and start taking down the walls. It’s an extremely dangerous job to do by yourself. You should always contact a professional company who can perform this task for you. Before hiring a professional, an official building permit will be required to whether you can go ahead with the job or not. If you do not have an approved permit, then you won’t be allowed to make the changes.

Lead Paint Removal

For houses that were built before 1980 are most likely to have lead painted on their walls. Lead is extremely toxic, deadly and cannot be handled all by yourself. You will need to hire a professional who is knowledgeable, skilled and licensed to do the job for you.

Heating Replacement

Trying to fix or replace your water heating can be dangerous if not done correctly. It involves a lot of risk factors that can be fatal if handled in the wrong way. We advise that you always hire a professional when it comes to replacing your water heating as professionals are fully trained and licensed in their job.

Replacement of gas/electric stove

Changing your fuel type to gas involves handling gas lines and electrical work which are only allowed to be performed by people who are trained and licensed in this field of work.  

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