Different Ways To Revamp A Room

It feels like however many rooms you renovate, there is always another one due an upgrade every once in a while. Your home’s interior should have a new feel after the renovation so it’s important to understand the basics of how to achieve this easily. Below are some top ideas for different ways to revamp a room.

Check on the windows

The appearance of the window will always make a house have a nice feel. You need to check on the curtains that you put on the windows considering their charm and colour. For an effective overall window design, it is advisable to add 20 centimeters to the height of the window when choosing the size of the curtain, letting them hang below the window sill for a more attractive look that flows with the room.

Check on the flowers around the room

For every successful interior, plants and flowers are usually a very nice choice. Using herbs with a sweet aroma can give a kitchen a great zest, and add to the look of the room when applied to the windows of the kitchen.

Consider the wall hangings

During the revamp of a room, it is always possible to change the frames of the wall hangings. Whether you have personal photographs, modern artwork or classic pictures, something as simple as switching the frames can make a huge difference. Life can be renewed in your favorite works just by changing the colour and proportions of the frames, especially in darker rooms.

Change the mood of the room by rolling out the carpet

During the winter season, you might want to go for wool carpets equipped with warm hues and Persian motifs. Bright-coloured cotton, sisal, or sea rush are excellent choices for the summer and spring seasons. These are very easy to change whenever the mood takes you, as long as you have a few options that suit any room.

Consider installing a modern electric fireplace

Always feel free to install an electric fireplace in your living room, dining room or bedroom. You can replace an old fashioned fireplace with something much more fitting for a sleek modern design, perhaps with glass panels and a flat, space-saving design. Alternatively you might remove the fire itself altogether and opt for a decorative mantelpiece instead. This is the most original way to create interest without using much space on the floor.

Try replacing the hardware in your room

This can be the best way to refresh a kitchen cupboard or lounge furnishings. You can even try changing the door handles by making them stand out by the use of gold, brass, or veined brown for a traditional look. For a more modern look, consider using stainless steel or even glass.

Pay more attention to the stairs

You can make a great decoration out of your staircase by using new carpet and wall hangings. Consider repainting the railings and lighting to emphasise the best features of the stairways. These are often overlooked, but your staircase is often one of the first things you see when you enter the front door, and can really add to the look of your downstairs and upstairs hallways.

Check the colouring of the room

You can always be free to be bold. You can get the inspiration from the small accessories in the room. Using dark grey colours, green, taupe and light neutral tones can usually create a beautiful colour scheme.

Consider the lighting

You can always change the old lamp shade to a different colour which is favourable to you. You can always use black or white lampshades, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, fluorescent fixtures can be a good option for your room.


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