Are Column Radiators Ideal For Your Property?

Radiators are an important selling point in most homes, primarily because they provide an important function in any room by providing a source of heat, but also because they can look extremely attractive when done right. There are a few considerations when choosing a style, but column radiators tend to work well in almost all situations.

Vertical column radiators are taller than they are wide, so they only have a few columns but each one is extended. These are ideal for narrow wall spaces, and can even be fitted with full-length mirrors to make twice as much use of the available space. Alternatively, horizontal column radiators have a greater number of connected columns to make them short and wide overall. These are more suitable if you want to place them under a window or other fittings higher on the wall.

Depending on different manufacturers, you will usually be able to choose from an extensive range of shapes and sizes for the same radiator. If necessary, you might have a bespoke one created to fit your space exactly, but in most cases you will be able to choose a standard size that suits.

The reason this style of radiator is so common, apart from its flexibility, is that it’s actually highly efficient. The ability of a column radiator to heat a room is based on its surface area, so different shaped radiators of a similar overall size will put out a similar amount of heat. Heat output is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU) so you can make direct comparisons between different radiator designs and calculate the BTU required based on your room dimensions.

Column radiators have the advantage of being easily available in a huge range of different colours and finishes, so they are usually compatible with the existing design scheme in your room. You can choose to match the wall colour so the radiator blends into the background, or take the opposite approach and choose a vivid colour that stands out and makes a statement.

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