How To Refurbish Your Home

Refurbishing your living space is an exciting home improvement project. However, it requires a lot of time, money and hard work. People who are on a tight budget tend to overlook the need to have their rooms updated. Others make it a point to periodically renovate as it improves both the home’s physical look and market value. Fortunately, there are some simple things that people can do with or without the need for professionals. A few small jobs can actually create a big impact on any home.


Painting the interior walls is the simplest and most effective refurbishment project that a homeowner can do. Paint samples on the wall to choose the most suitable colour for the room. There are colours that add warmth to the indoor environment such as red, cream and gold and those with a cooling effect like white and blue. Include the ceiling when painting for better results. Any homeowner can perform this task. However, they may also hire professionals to ensure an excellent finish. Experts from painting and decorating companies will be able to provide their services for both domestic and industrial properties. This will include high-quality interior and exterior refurbishing of the space to create a more modern, or traditional look. Using a highly experienced decorator will also save you time and they could even advise you on which colours will work best for your walls. They will also know which type of paint has the nicest finish whether it’s an undercoat, gloss or satin.


Although your walls may be looking great, the rest of the room may still look bare and might not fit into the design you would like. One easy way to give your windows update is a stained glass window film. As well as providing more privacy, they will bring colour and life into a plain room and give your home a modern look. However, you will need some material over the windows to keep in heat and block out light completely. Motorised and panel blinds are great for both the home and office, which also look stylish and clean cut. Double glazing your windows increases the thermal insulation to your room. Less energy is used up resulting in lower energy bills.

Fix Furniture

Furniture and accessories add beauty to the home’s interior look. Homeowners should have their furniture reupholstered or refinished if necessary. There are many upholstery professionals who can make any old furniture look new again. Items that add nothing but clutter should also be removed. Doing so makes the home look calm and refreshed.

Add Accessories

Old lampshades and other accessories found in the stock room may be reused. However, these pieces should match the interior look and theme. Adding throw pillows to the sofa or contrasting blankets on the bed can create a different feeling in a room. Recycling old home accessories is a great option for people who don’t want to spend money on new items. However, if you are looking for specific items for a themed room, such as retro home accessories, there are many places where you can find quirky cushions, unique clocks and even lamps. These simple items can uplift a themed room.

Repair and Replace

Areas of the house that need repair should not be ignored regardless of how big or small they are. The roofing should always be in good condition as it greatly affects the heating and cooling systems inside the house. In addition, bad roofing may also bring about other damage inside the home when left unrepaired. Homeowners should call for service to check on their roofs and have them fixed before the damage gets worse. Another way to use heating efficiently is through your fireplace. Many homeowners no longer use them or they need a revamp. Therefore it is time to replace the old forgotten fireplace to modern gas fires. They will be updated, transform the style of the room and will actually be used. Save energy and money with this eco-friendly option.

It is also the responsibility of the homeowner to properly maintain and clean their heating oil tanks. You are strongly advised to get a professional to do an inspection before construction begins. In the event of a leak or a spill, an oil tank replacement will be in order. Failing to do so may cost you thousands of pounds in the future, as well as cause harm to the people living in the area. The same applied for your central heating and plumbing as well. These tasks, however, require experts in the field.

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When to remodel your home

When you have a house of your own, you may have thought about updating a few things. It could be anything from changing your windows, updating your kitchen cupboard or recreating a garage. The next thing that comes into our mind is finding the time to carry out the project you’ve been meaning to do. There isn’t a good or bad time to start on your project; in fact, the truth is, you should follow up on your plan whenever you have the time. However, it’s good to be mindful of the seasonal factors that can affect your project. 


Summer is the perfect time to follow through both indoor and outdoor projects. The reason why indoor projects are suitable for this time is that certain materials can only seal correctly on a warmer or hotter temperature. It would also be a great time to start working on outdoor projects such as garden renovation or roofing. However, keep in mind that it’s slightly expensive to outsource the work as they are generally high in demand during this time of the year. 


Winter is the coldest month, and the demand for outsourcing the work is relatively low which means that it’s less expensive during this time. Although the weather is cold, it’s the best time to start on projects that involve concrete work. 


The fall season is great for finishing off any work that’s hasn’t been completed during the summer time. It’s also cheaper to get the job done during this time as it’s fairly close to winter. Most homeowners would like to complete their project just before winter hits around December and January. 


Spring is when the ground tends to be softer which is the perfect time for groundwork especially one that involves digging. Spring is close to summer, and it’s also the busiest time for house renovations due to the weather.

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Home Improvement Tips on a Budget

wall paint

Our home is the place we live in, and it’s where we spend most of our time. That’s why it’s essential to make improvements around our home in any way we can. A comfortable and organised home can drastically improve the quality of our life. Many people assume that you’ll need to have a large amount of money to revamp your space. However, there are other ways that you can still make improvements even on a tight budget. Here’s how you can make improvements around your home on a budget.


To change up the bedrooms, you don’t always have to spend big. There are small improvements that you can start applying right now. These minor improvements can make a huge difference in the overall look of a bedroom. It includes changing the curtains, rug, décor and the bedding. Buying new furniture may be too expensive, so if you have some outdated furniture, there’s always a way to make it work. For example, you can repaint the furniture or simply reorganise them around the room.



Improving our kitchen may look like a big job and can be costly too, but it’s not always the case as there are alternatives that won’t break the bank. For instance, instead of shopping for new appliances, why not look for cheaper deals in a second-hand shop, car boot or online platforms like eBay or Gumtree. Changing the colours of your kitchen can transform the whole atmosphere of your kitchen. You can repaint your kitchen cupboards to a different colour to obtain a new look.

Living Room

The living room is an essential area in our home as this is where we spend most of our time in. It’s also a simple room to redecorate. A lighter room will make the space more relaxing and spacious. So if you have a darker wallpaper, it’s time to replace it with a lighter wall to lighten up the room. Adding a framed décor of your chosen art or image can liven up the room.

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Smart Home Improvement Tips

solar panel

Home improvements are essential for any homeowners who wish to improve their space or make their home a little bit more comfortable. If you’re one of the many owners thinking of upgrading your home, we’ve provided some tips below.

Solar power

Electricity is essential for many things in a household, and they can also affect the cost of your bills at the end of the month. So if you’re looking to budget more and make an investment, it’s worth switching to a solar power system. This type of electric power will help produce your electricity from absorbing the heat and energy from the sun. They are perfect during the summertime where you can save on electric.


Improving your outdoor space will be useful during summer. You can make use of the garden space for different events such as parties and barbecues. It’s also reasonably affordable to decorate your space by just adding a few garden furniture, ornaments, lights or plants. It will also be ideal to maintain the grass on the garden to prevent overgrowing. Alternatively, you may want to convert the grass into a floor cement to provide more floor space in your outdoor area.

Fresh paint

Changing the colour paint on your wall can make a huge difference in a room. For example, if the place feels dark and cluttered, you may want to consider using a lighter colour like ivory or beige. Or if you simply want a change, why not try a different tone?


The garage is an extra space that could be turned into another room. They also add value to your property in the long run. Keep in mind. There will be a cost involved when converting a garage into an extra room. If you don’t have the full budget to turn a garage, DIY is a cheaper option. When doing a DIY, it’s important to be careful and cautious to prevent damages and hazards.

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Home Renovations – Illegal tasks to do by yourself


Although homeowners are allowed to do some renovations on their own, there are still some other jobs that they cannot perform as some jobs are against the law. Apart from the law, there are also many other reasons why you cannot perform a particular job. For instance, the job may require a special training, license or equipment. Some examples include heat replacement, plumbing, water replacement and many others. Ideally, it’s important that homeowners are aware of these to prevent any issues in the future.

Wall Removal

If you’re looking to make more space in your room, don’t think that you can easily use a sledgehammer and start taking down the walls. It’s an extremely dangerous job to do by yourself. You should always contact a professional company who can perform this task for you. Before hiring a professional, an official building permit will be required to whether you can go ahead with the job or not. If you do not have an approved permit, then you won’t be allowed to make the changes.

Lead Paint Removal

For houses that were built before 1980 are most likely to have lead painted on their walls. Lead is extremely toxic, deadly and cannot be handled all by yourself. You will need to hire a professional who is knowledgeable, skilled and licensed to do the job for you.

Heating Replacement

Trying to fix or replace your water heating can be dangerous if not done correctly. It involves a lot of risk factors that can be fatal if handled in the wrong way. We advise that you always hire a professional when it comes to replacing your water heating as professionals are fully trained and licensed in their job.

Replacement of gas/electric stove

Changing your fuel type to gas involves handling gas lines and electrical work which are only allowed to be performed by people who are trained and licensed in this field of work.  

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Choosing the right company for boiler installation and repairs


Is your gas bill unexpectedly high? If so, it may be a sign that you need to change or repair your boiler. If your boiler is more than 10 years old, or if it becomes defective, it can drive up your gas bills. Having an old boiler is also unsafe. You should look into getting a new boiler installed immediately.

Whether you want to install a new boiler or repair your old one, you should call up an expert for the job. Boiler installation and repair is a very technical job. Qualified gas engineers must pass rigorous training and exams to ensure that they have the sufficient knowledge and know all the legal safety requirements.

We recently spoke with Andrew, a qualified Gas Safe engineer at Gasteam, a boiler installation & repairs company in Milton Keynes; he helped us to compile this list of important things to consider when choosing a company to service your boiler.

Know the legal requirements

There are legal requirements for installing a boiler in the UK. First of all, if you want to install a new boiler, you require approval from Building Regulations to ensure you comply with energy efficiency regulations and safety laws. Second, you must hire a qualified installer and they must be registered under an approved scheme, ‘gas safe’ for gas boilers and ‘competent person scheme’ for oil and solid fuel fired boilers. This membership ensures that the installer is qualified and his works need not be checked by the local building inspectors. After the completion of work the installer must give you a commissioning certificate and inform the local governments building control department or competent person scheme as appropriate. You will then be issued with a building regulations completion certificate.

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Renovate or Rebuild?


For many homeowners who want to start fresh, they either have the option to renovate or rebuild their house. It can be a tricky decision to make as there are many risks and factors involved in the process. So before you make a decision, it’s ideal to weigh your options and see which will work out better for you regarding your financial situation and other factors. To help you, we’ve gathered some factors below that can affect your decision.


The first step is to check your budget and see if it’s aligned more with renovation or rebuilding. Keep in mind that renovation is much cheaper to start with, however, if your house needs further renovating or if any issues arise, you may end up spending more in the end.

Decide if your house needs a lot of work or less work and see which option will be more cost-effective. For example, if your home doesn’t require much work, you will be better off with renovating.


For homeowners who are more in favour of rebuilding their house must check if their area is located in a prime location. As rebuilding in popular areas will more likely increase your property value in the long run.


What is the condition of your house? If your house needs a lot of work internally and externally then your best option would be to rebuild it from scratch. Otherwise, if you are only looking to improve a particular area in your house, then renovation is an obvious option.


What’s the age of your house? Is it relatively new or do you have an older home? For houses who are pretty old, a renovation would still be ideal especially if you want to keep the old features. Some old houses are built with high-quality materials.

However, if your old house is falling apart, then it would be ideal for your to rebuild and start a new.  

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Are Column Radiators Ideal For Your Property?

Radiators are an important selling point in most homes, primarily because they provide an important function in any room by providing a source of heat, but also because they can look extremely attractive when done right. There are a few considerations when choosing a style, but column radiators tend to work well in almost all situations.

Vertical column radiators are taller than they are wide, so they only have a few columns but each one is extended. These are ideal for narrow wall spaces, and can even be fitted with full-length mirrors to make twice as much use of the available space. Alternatively, horizontal column radiators have a greater number of connected columns to make them short and wide overall. These are more suitable if you want to place them under a window or other fittings higher on the wall.

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How to Go About When Rebuilding and Redecorating After Flooding

Flood can wreck havoc in your home. After it’s over, it’s natural that you will need to embark on a significant cleanup exercise. Rebuilding and redecorating after flooding is never an easy task as it entails many factors and steps, some of which are complicated.

But before you commence the cleanup, it’s of paramount importance that you find out if it’s indeed safe to move back to your property. You can talk with your local council or insurance company for advice on whether or not it’s safe to return to the property. Also, you can get in touch with your insurers to find out if they can help organise cleaners who will clean up the home.

You should also check your electrical connections just to ensure that the power has been switched off from the mains. If you are standing in a pool of floodwater, of course you shouldn’t touch a source of electricity. If any of your electrical appliances have come into contact with water, you should ask a qualified electrical technician to check them and see if they can be used safely or not.

Your safety should be your major concern when cleaning up after floods. To guarantee this, you can wear protective clothing. In some instances, the flood water may be contaminated with chemicals and human wastes among others. This makes it essential that you disinfect anything that it comes into contact with. Also, ensure that any wound you have is covered so as to protect you from potential infections.

Although it’s important to get moving as soon as possible with your decorating and building work, your health ranks supreme when rebuilding and redecorating after flooding. You will most likely come into contact with raw sewage, chemicals and a wide range of other wastes, so if you get sick, it’s highly advisable that you talk with your doctor. Any contaminated clothing will need to be washed at hot temperatures.

You can start removing the water from the inside of your premises when the water level outside is lower than inside the rooms. You can use a generator or a pump to complete this task, although in most cases this should all be dealt with by the council or your insurers. You can then wipe the surfaces clean before applying a disinfectant. Turn on the central heating unit and open the doors and windows for free flow of air. This can reduce the drying time, therefore allowing for the commencement of decorative works. You can do your decorative work after the rooms have been certified to be dry.

You can seek help from professional painters and decorators who can deliver to your expectations, and it will almost certainly be necessary to draft in some extra help since a flood will have probably left damage to a bigger area than you would ever take on yourself in normal circumstances. Again there may be help available for this depending on your insurance and how much your local council and charities are able to get involved.

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Renovate Your Kitchen For Under £200

Even if you don’t have the money to completely upgrade your kitchen, £200 is enough to give your kitchen a new, modern look. It is not necessary to change all the kitchen equipment; just a new coat of paint along with some minor changes is enough to breathe new life into your kitchen. You can do the following things to renovate your kitchen:

1. IMPROVE THE HARDWARE: Even if you can’t afford to change the entire kitchen cabinets, at least change the knobs and the handles. They can be purchased online and you can fit them yourself with the help of an electric drill.

2. PAINT YOUR CABINETS: A new coat of paint on the cabinets can do wonders to your kitchen. It can completely transform the look and you don’t even have to spend much. A light coloured paint is preferable on the kitchen cabinets.

3. PAINT THE WALLS OF YOUR KITCHEN: Since there is a lot of movement involved in the kitchen, there might be lots of marks on the walls. Hence, it will be better to go for a deep colour; a deep blue will be great if you’re going for something bold.

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