Home Improvement Tips on a Budget

wall paint

Our home is the place we live in, and it’s where we spend most of our time. That’s why it’s essential to make improvements around our home in any way we can. A comfortable and organised home can drastically improve the quality of our life. Many people assume that you’ll need to have a large amount of money to revamp your space. However, there are other ways that you can still make improvements even on a tight budget. Here’s how you can make improvements around your home on a budget.


To change up the bedrooms, you don’t always have to spend big. There are small improvements that you can start applying right now. These minor improvements can make a huge difference in the overall look of a bedroom. It includes changing the curtains, rug, décor and the bedding. Buying new furniture may be too expensive, so if you have some outdated furniture, there’s always a way to make it work. For example, you can repaint the furniture or simply reorganise them around the room.



Improving our kitchen may look like a big job and can be costly too, but it’s not always the case as there are alternatives that won’t break the bank. For instance, instead of shopping for new appliances, why not look for cheaper deals in a second-hand shop, car boot or online platforms like eBay or Gumtree. Changing the colours of your kitchen can transform the whole atmosphere of your kitchen. You can repaint your kitchen cupboards to a different colour to obtain a new look.

Living Room

The living room is an essential area in our home as this is where we spend most of our time in. It’s also a simple room to redecorate. A lighter room will make the space more relaxing and spacious. So if you have a darker wallpaper, it’s time to replace it with a lighter wall to lighten up the room. Adding a framed décor of your chosen art or image can liven up the room.

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Smart Home Improvement Tips

solar panel

Home improvements are essential for any homeowners who wish to improve their space or make their home a little bit more comfortable. If you’re one of the many owners thinking of upgrading your home, we’ve provided some tips below.

Solar power

Electricity is essential for many things in a household, and they can also affect the cost of your bills at the end of the month. So if you’re looking to budget more and make an investment, it’s worth switching to a solar power system. This type of electric power will help produce your electricity from absorbing the heat and energy from the sun. They are perfect during the summertime where you can save on electric.


Improving your outdoor space will be useful during summer. You can make use of the garden space for different events such as parties and barbecues. It’s also reasonably affordable to decorate your space by just adding a few garden furniture, ornaments, lights or plants. It will also be ideal to maintain the grass on the garden to prevent overgrowing. Alternatively, you may want to convert the grass into a floor cement to provide more floor space in your outdoor area.

Fresh paint

Changing the colour paint on your wall can make a huge difference in a room. For example, if the place feels dark and cluttered, you may want to consider using a lighter colour like ivory or beige. Or if you simply want a change, why not try a different tone?


The garage is an extra space that could be turned into another room. They also add value to your property in the long run. Keep in mind. There will be a cost involved when converting a garage into an extra room. If you don’t have the full budget to turn a garage, DIY is a cheaper option. When doing a DIY, it’s important to be careful and cautious to prevent damages and hazards.

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Why Workwear Is For Everyone, Not Just Full Time Builders

Why do we seem to think that proper, durable clothes for building or DIY work are only for the professionals? A lot of people end up wearing old, mismatched outfits to do their handywork simply because they don’t mind damaging them.

Maybe this is OK for just giving the walls a lick of paint, but there really is nothing to stop you from investing a small amount of money in some real workwear if you plan to take on major DIY projects on a regular basis. You might be surprised by a few of the benefits…

Flexibility – One of the main things you need from your clothes when you’re painting, building or doing other kinds of manual labour is the ability to move freely. This is something that we actually forget a lot of the time, because we don’t always pay attention to how flexible our clothes are. Workwear will be designed to stretch and twist as required, which is a great benefit.

Weatherproof – A lot of the jobs we tend to put off doing are outside, and the weather needs to cooperate. Of course, if you’re on a tight deadline to get a property ready for a sale or a tenant moving in, you might not have much choice. In any case, appropriate work clothes will really help. You probably need to avoid getting too hot while also protecting your skin, so most other outfits won’t cut it.

Storage – You might have noticed that professionals tend to have plenty of pockets when they’re working. This is no coincidence, since so many different tasks are made much easier when you simply have a convenient place to store all of your most essential, small items. Tools, loose screws, bits and pieces… pockets make life easier.

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How to convert your garage


If you own an empty garage and wondering how you can make use of it, we have found a few ideas that you may want to consider. For example, a relaxing and fun environment could be the solution, especially for families. Your garage can be turned into a bar, pool game, cinema or whatever you desire! To help you transform your garage, we have provided the following DIY tips to help you create the perfect garage space.

Painting and decorating

When choosing a colour to paint your wall, be sure to pick one that suits your preference and the atmosphere. For instance, a plain colour such as cream or light brown can be ideal for an open relaxation space as it doesn’t look too busy. As for a family area, you may want to consider everyone’s taste and make sure that they all look balance.


Most garage space tends to have cold surroundings. So it is important that insulation is in place as this will keep your space warm and cosy especially during the winter. Be aware that insulation can be costly, however, you can still save a lot of money in the longer run.

Empty canvas

Ensure that when starting the DIY process that all furniture put elsewhere. An empty space will give you a better idea of how big your space. You will also need a lot of space when decorating.


One of the most exciting part of the process is choosing your furniture. Having the furniture around will really complete the overall look of your garage. Once you have all the furniture, you can now think about where to place them around your room. Moving the furniture around will give you an idea on which area suit best.


The lightning can dramatically change the mood of your garage. There is a broad range of different designs to fit your room. When buying a bulb, you may want to consider an energy efficient bulb as this can reduce your bill expenses as well.

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Building Tools & Supplies

If you’re planning to take on a massive construction project on your property, whether it’s building your own extension or completely demolishing your home to start from scratch, you will need to have professionals involved at some stage. As we have covered in our other articles, there are too many phases of project planning, as well as potential legal issues, to risk everything going wrong. However, there’s nothing to stop you having a go at the physical work on the project yourself as long as you have the skills and the necessary equipment.

You can easily find cheap building tools and building supplies online from retailers like SK Trade Store which are perfectly suitable, you just need to know what should be on your list to get you started. Here are our top tips for essentials to watch out for when you’re browsing your online tool shop.

Tool Belt

This will come in amazingly handy throughout your project, and a good quality one can last a lifetime. You’ll need to keep your smaller essential tools on hand at all times so a good tool belt is a must.

Steel Measuring Tape

A flimsy ribbon from a Christmas cracker isn’t going to cut it when you’ve turned your home into a building site. Invest in a quality steel tape measure to ensure you stick to your required measurements and get every detail perfect.

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