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If you’re planning to take on a massive construction project on your property, whether it’s building your own extension or completely demolishing your home to start from scratch, you will need to have professionals involved at some stage. As we have covered in our other articles, there are too many phases of project planning, as well as potential legal issues, to risk everything going wrong. However, there’s nothing to stop you having a go at the physical work on the project yourself as long as you have the skills and the necessary equipment.

You can easily find cheap building tools and building supplies online from retailers like SK Trade Store which are perfectly suitable, you just need to know what should be on your list to get you started. Here are our top tips for essentials to watch out for when you’re browsing your online tool shop.

Tool Belt

This will come in amazingly handy throughout your project, and a good quality one can last a lifetime. You’ll need to keep your smaller essential tools on hand at all times so a good tool belt is a must.

Steel Measuring Tape

A flimsy ribbon from a Christmas cracker isn’t going to cut it when you’ve turned your home into a building site. Invest in a quality steel tape measure to ensure you stick to your required measurements and get every detail perfect.


These are extremely important and if you want to work to a high standard you’re going to need plenty of them. Clamps are vital for holding things in place while you measure, cut, drill and do whatever else you need to do to them. It’s not worth the risk of working freehand when you can easily make sure everything is secured, you just need to collect a range of clamps in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Cordless Drill

A handheld electric drill that doesn’t require cables stretching across your site will be another essential that you’ll find useful throughout most building projects. These are easily available at low prices now but it’s best to invest a bit more and go for the most reliable models.

Nail Guns

You read correctly: multiple nail guns might be required if you’re going to go a job properly from start to finish. Framing nail guns are able to work with a variety of nail sizes, but for finishing precise details you might need the versatility of a finish nail gun which can reach difficult angles.

Clean-up Gear

If you’re working on your own home, or any building site for that matter, it’s important to also make sure you’re equipped to clear up after yourself. This will include brooms, brushes and dust covers to tackle the inevitable dust cloud from the constant work, but you might also need specialised tools like magnet wheels to pick up nails and other dangerous bits of metal.


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