How to Improve the Exterior of Your Home

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The look of a home from the outside says a lot about the home’s interior. This gives neighbours and visitors a cosy welcome. And with some simple yet effective decor ideas, homeowners can easily enhance how their home’s exterior design.

Outdoor Decorations

Homes can use outdoor decorations in porches such as wind chimes, glass ornaments and even lighting. Welsh slates products are beautiful for exterior walling and roofing. Slate signs or house names are also popular decorations. It can give the place a comfortable, homely feel. Adding these decorations is an affordable home improvement technique. These can also make the home look more welcoming and warm.

A cheap way to improve the exterior design of your home is having patterned windows. You don’t need to buy specially designed and coloured glass to create this effect. An simple way to do this is by buying opaque or frosted window film. These films are easy to apply and remove, will let the sunlight in or create privacy if required, and still give your windows a unique effect.

Homeowners can also change the exterior look by repainting the letterbox or adding new hardware to the door. Adding accents to the fencing can also improve how the outside of the house looks. It is not necessary to spend too much money on giving the home’s exterior a new style. This could include investing in some good quality door numbers and signs. The door is one of the first design aspects visitors will notice. A professionally made door sign will give your home a classy yet modern look.

Clean Pavements and Driveways

Leaves, debris and dirt on pavements and driveways should be cleaned regularly. Homeowners should also check walkways for weeds, which can be removed by simply using weed control spray. Homeowners can also enhance the pavement’s appeal by adding decorative stones, rocks and bricks. A high force spray garden hose can be used to clean stains and dirt in these areas.


If you want to make your house stand out from the surrounding properties, one way to do this is with the use of exterior wall cladding. There are many design options available from natural looking wood to more modern looking aluminium.


Maintaining the home’s landscaping can help save a homeowner’s time and money. They just need to take care of little details like weeds to keep gardening problems from becoming overwhelming. Homeowners should first look around the garden and identify if the flower beds, lawn and landscaping are free from weeds and debris. These can be easily removed to keep the exterior looking its best. There are also plants that are easy to maintain. Ferns and ivy grow with little effort from the homeowner. These little things can keep the front of the house looking beautiful without the need for a professional gardener.


If you’re fencing is looking a bit worn, or may be your just looking for a complete different style, metal gates and railings can give your home a more refined and elegant style, not only will they be longer lasting than a wooden fence, but they will give you a chance to showcase your garden and your new home exterior.


A good exterior paint job can improve a home’s appeal. Adding a little colour to the fencing or garden accents can alter the home’s mood and style. The right colour scheme can totally change the home’s exterior style. Homeowners won’t have to add flowers to make this area look fun and attractive.

Homeowners can also repaint doors and exterior window accents. It is better to paint these little accents instead of repainting the whole front of the house because paint fades easily. Anyone can save money by doing the job themselves.

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